Sunday, 22 November 2009

taken with shakey cam these images are of a standard lampshade i attacked with some fading out supertips.... more colour and tassles to be added soon!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

updated prescription version....

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Phat marker put to sugar paper after being surrounded by Caiporera, good tunes and top friends, returning home in good spirits this is what became ......

a bamboozlement of drawings recently done in a very battered beaten up sketchbbok given to me for my birthday.... thankyou Theodore ( to be messed around with and colours added no doubt!!)

latest sketchbook scribbles

latest sketchbook scribbles

Yet again more pen to paper action from my minature adventure to Belguim!

Taken home and colours added on photoshop(more colours to be added and experimented with soon)

To combat the immense boredom and the shouting senior citizens arguing with me about the price of stool softener this "average day at work " piece was designed on a scrappy piece of paper tucked away in my pocket.... it's always nice to put a positive spin on something so darn negative as a bad day at work!!!

(hoping to add a green prescription background to this piece when a plain one can be found...)

Another Print done on my travels ( hmmm a regular theme gathering regarding what I do when i'm out exploring!) after a very busy first year as a Nat diploma I dissapeared loaded with pens, pencils and lots of markers into a remote Cornish Town with some dam good company...

(marker pen and pastel pencils)

Continuing working with a different background another pattern created on my Belgian adventure was given a new identity thanks to a "bruised" painting I had made recently.
At the momento this pattern is being cut out so it can be transferred into a collage.

Titled "last day of freedom" (For the soon to be groom Chris Miles!!)
A pattern originally scribbled whilst under the english channel on our way to Belguim. On his last night of freedom a get together was had and these colours were put to the print in celebration for Chris...(many other colour schemes have been done and will appear when finishing touches have been applied)

The Bon' Doctah....

Inspired by a King Tide song, I seemed to scribble out this man of voodoo ritual based madness one whilst listening to the "Our Dearly Deported" album. (Many thanks to the iron Monk for recommending such a thing!)

It was then scanned in on photoshop and a different textured background was added after spotting an old scratched up sheet of perspex in a skip out the back at college... sometimes it pays to be a snouty so and so!!

Restless Terrence's Birythdee carrd!!
Something a little different for my very good friend on his birthday ( he certinately doesnt look his age! happy birthday my good fellow!!)

a new scribble put together recently and has had a little attention on photo shop tidying up the scribbly layer i dedcided to draw upon!! more to be done to this ghetto blaster wielding fellow soon

Monday, 9 November 2009

Sadly this page has been a wee bit negleted lately due to the bombardment of my other blog page for my college online portfolio...... but more will appear soon after muchious photoshop experimentation of late.