Sunday, 18 October 2009

" a million miles from adelaide"-
soon to be sent to a good friend and fellow bogan on the other side of the pond . The title of this piece shows how far i feel from actually getting out to visit after shaking on an unbreakable promise!!
still it is needed to be tidied up immensley before it can grace a jiffy bag ready to go down under...... but the colour scheme is spot on to the request!!!

some dashing colour added to a surreal fellow !!! much work is needed on his jumper!! but fair dues this is my first attempt!!! lessons with the jedi knights of photoshop are on the cards at college......
early photoshop work, using a half coloured in pen drawing, probably the first proper time i have got to grips with such an application.....and definately something that i will be using again in the future...... nice to see flat works coming to life....

Friday, 9 October 2009

Carrying on the creation of monsters Bruno, pictured left who currently lives with Chodester has asked me to make him a female companion, who will be living with a certain miss le bianco, and no doubt have an italian flare to her. So far she is made of faded red t-shrt material and donning a pair of silk bloomers... more posts to come once she is close to being completed.....

Theodore's Wall Art

After wrestling waves and folding his board in the surf at Perranporth it was time for Theodore to retire this object of desire to the wall, a couple of sharpies later and it is perfect company for the aboriginal snake seen also in the shot....respect to the man of the spectacle empire and my best friend...

belgian break down in deepest darkest essex

waiting for a tow truck to rescue us from the smallest service station forecourt in cuthroat essex where rudeboys take pleasure in leaning on other people's car i came up with this handsome beast of a character, maybe based on someone i may have spotted....
The pattern came from waiting impatiently to sort out a trip to see Chodster and Bluecat.... its amamzing what a little anticipation can do...!!!
A photoshop session to add colur is in the pipeline!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

lots and lots of new skills being picked up in class at the mo, developing ideas into totally different pieces of work.
Experimenting running from time in moving image, plus teaching a cctv camera to think for itself.
Possible trek for more musical inhalation in norwich later on tonight, but who knows!!!